August 2019 - Carolyn’s Blaze of Glory G4-Gulfstream trip from Aiken, South Carolina to the AQHA Select World Show in Fort Worth, Texas with Charm.
Escalades, Mercedes Benz and all the lavish food.

 1637.jpg 1636.jpg

1644.jpg 1072.jpg 1645.jpg 1647.jpg

1655.jpg 1679.jpg 1682.jpg 1651.jpg

1670.jpg 1668.jpg



1715.jpg 1712.jpg 1719.jpg

1694.jpg 1697.jpg

1673.jpg 1674.jpg 1675.jpg

1723.jpg 893.jpg 1661.jpg

AQHA World Show, Nov. 2018 with Terry Bradshaw

WWE SMACKDOWN, Feb. 2017 with JOHN CENA, WWE Superstar


LAS VEGAS - February, 2017

Grand Vacations offered me 3 days in Vegas at the Trump International.
Went to the Michael Jackson tribute, the night water show at the Bellagio, dinner on the 106 floor at the Stratosphere, Top Of the World restaurant, shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay and Excalibur Casino where I met the horseman/farrier/entertainer from Australia’s Thunder From Down Under. Time to concentrate on my horses.



vegas3.jpg  vegas2.jpg  vegas4.jpg  vegas7.jpg

vegas5.jpg  vegas9.jpg  vegas6.jpg

January 2017 - Everglades, Florida

November 2016 - Vienna, Austria with my son, Marty

Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria

Austria Lippazans1.jpg Austria Lippazans4.jpg

Austria Lippazans.jpg Austria Lippazans2.jpg Spanish Riding School5.jpg

Austria Lippazans3.jpg Spanish Riding School.jpg Austria Lippazans5.jpg Spanish Riding School6.jpg

Lippizans, Vienna, Austria/horse walker and impeccable tack room

Spanish Riding School1.jpg spanish riding school1 (2).jpg

Spanish Riding School2.jpg Spanish Riding School3.jpg Spanish Riding School4.jpg spanish riding school10.jpg

Dinner/Kunsthistorisches Art Museum

Kunsthistorisches Art Museum6.jpg Kunsthistorisches Art Museum5.jpg

Kunsthistorisches Art Museum3.jpg Kunsthistorisches Art Museum2.jpg Kunsthistorisches Art Museum.jpg Kunsthistorisches Art Museum4.jpg

Schoenbrunn Palace, 1441 rooms with 23 caret gold everywhere

Schoenbrunn Palace2.jpg

Schoenbrunn Palace3.jpg Schoenbrunn Palace.jpg Schoenbrunn Palace4.jpg

Vienna, Austria/Churches

Churches4.jpg Churches3.jpg Churches5.jpg

Churches6.jpg Churches7.jpg Churches.jpg Churches2.jpg Churches8.jpg

Vienna, Austria/Restaurants/Ferris Wheel ride

Vienna.jpg Vienna7.jpg Vienna8.jpg

Vienna2.jpg Vienna3.jpg Vienna4.jpg Vienna5.jpg

Vienna6.jpg Vienna9.jpg

September 2016 - Exuma, Bahamas with my niece, Alyssa Firkus

swimming with the pigs


December 2015… Isthmus of Panama and Embera Indian village called Katuma

Panama means rich land of butterflies, trees, fish. They have over 933 species of birds more than all of Europe and North America. They are in a building/economic boom with currently 100 skyscrapers, another 150 being currently built. 80 banks, 1 billion income from tourism, 2 billion from re-export business, 2 billion from the canal. Panama was home to indigenous tribes since 2500 BC, Christopher Columbus was the second European to set foot on this land and declared it for Spain. It was a Columbia province in 1821 and declared their independence  in 1903. The Republic of Panama is made up of 10 provinces. In 1999 the Canal was turned over to the Panamanians by President Carter.

November 2015… Italy

December 2014… Costa Rica

I was fascinated by the crocs because we were in a small boat close to the muddy brown water (had to keep my hand in) and within 6-8 feet of them…when that one got up on his legs and walked to the water…thought I would have a heart attack….I have only seen them swimming in the water and laying on the shore. Quite a thrill. I have the whole sequence of him until he is submerged into the water…..

I am not a flower or bird person either but I have quite a few pictures of both….the birds are so colorful…like the one with a purple head, blue body and green legs. Chance liked the birds too because I brought a guide home for him to see all the birds……flowers were stunning with the heavy green vegetation so I have more pictures of that then I ever thought I would take. I have a green lizard that I could not even see because he looked like the leaves and his tail is in the water…small fella but I eventually found him……

I also LOVE the iguanas…wouldn’t mind having one for a pet to hold. I think that is very strange on my part, but I have always liked the iguanas from the time when I lived in Puerto Rico and this one fella had one in his arms and it was his pet...super slick, I thought. I did meet one that came running by me when I was going to walk into the store in the jungle, not town. I stopped and talked quietly to him and asked him to stay by me so I could walk around him and get pictures. He stayed and appeared to like my voice and he appeared to listen to me…the workers were all watching me and wondering what I was doing with the iguana. I was developing a relationship…….like the night I sat out on our patio and ribbited to a frog for about 15 minutes…..thought that might be my fair prince in the jungle bush….ha…ha…ha…I got tired and went in!!

I think I have the flavor here. I wanted to buy land and live there but I am over that now!! But am happy after 20 years of wanting to go, that I just went with my friend Shari……

James n Diane.jpg

Visited James Kifer farm in Hartselle, Alabama, May 26-28
Purchased OBB Cool To Touch, see her in the broodmare section. She is bred to JF Skip N Style, AQHA World Champion Palomino stallion.

Marty Miller1358.jpg

Marty Miller1346.jpg Marty Miller1347.jpg

Marty Miller now plays polo...........

July 21, Gonzalo Bunge Polo Benefit hat contest

diva9804.jpg diva9829.jpg diva9875.jpg

December 14-26, 2012… Maui, Hawaii.  Went on 6 whale watches with niece Alyssa.  Sally Sullivan came too.

December 1, 2012… Sheriff’s Quarter/Paint Horse Sale, Cannon Falls, MN

October 12-14, 2012… Visited Mike Clites and saw Norma Gene. Then visited John & Emily Kaibesman in South Dakota and also Marlene Voeltz to see her mare.

September 23-24, 2012… Rita Crundwell’s Sale.  Bought her Remington statue and a 16.5” silver show saddle

September 22, 2012… Breeders Halter Futurity, Des Moines, Iowa

September 13-17, 2012… Murfreesboro, Tennessee to the Big Money and the WCHA Halter Futurities. Diva won $3100.00.

September 2, 2012… Tom Scheckel Sale, Iowa

August 2-4, 2012… Tulsa, Oklahoma to see and make decision on JMK Im No Tease

July 6, 2012… Bought JMK Im No Tease from Brinkman’s Bushy Park Farms with Daryl Lankin’s assistance.

June 26 - July 2, 2012... Texas to Terry Bradshaw Sale and visit other farms in the Pilot Point/Aubrey area.

June 22, 2012… Took ImaFullMoon DIVA to Kathi Lawrence, Carthage, Missouri for fitting

June 11, 2012… Mr Elusive’s owner, Tim Meyer, visited and really liked his colt

March 14, 2012… I M Cool (Te Coolest X A Phenomenal Lady)

March 5, 2012… Red Carpet Romeo born  (My Intention X On The Red Carpet)

February 16, 2012… Mr Exclusive born (Mr Elusive X Way To Glorious)

February 8, 2012… DMM ImaFullMoon Diva born (JMK Supernatural X Contemptified)

January 3-9 2012… Visited Prince Farms, Palmetto, Florida

Jan.– May, 2012...  audited Equine Reproduction class at UW River Falls, Wisconsin

January 2012

I got the surprise of the century !!!! The UPS man delivered a box that I did not want to sign for because I had not ordered anything. After my many refusals & his insistence, I signed for the box. When I opened it, this is the trophy that was enclosed. I did not know TOUCHES TOP GUN, 2009 stallion by Contemptified, was being shown and was taking Grand Champions at a “number” of AQHA shows out East. Earl & his son, Todd Hoffman, of Harrisburg, PA, who by the way, lead Contemptified to her Reserve World Championship, sent this surprise to me. CONGRATULATIONS on your many show wins & THANK YOU Earl & Todd Hoffman for the wonderful surprise.

Touches Top Gun copy.jpg 3127.jpg

November 2011 Sedona, Arizona

sedona2833.jpg sedona2813.jpg sedona2810.jpg sedona2803.jpg

sedona2801.jpg sedona2820.jpg sedona2827.jpg sedona2819.jpg

sedona2921.jpg sedona2883.jpg sedona2894.jpg sedona2838.jpg

November 2011 Grand Canyon helicopter shots of Colorado River

grand canyon4824.jpg grand canyon4888.jpg grand canyon4859.jpg grand canyon4817.jpg

grand canyon4798.jpg grand canyon4802.jpg grand canyon4845.jpg grand canyon4821.jpg

grand canyon4892.jpg grand canyon4843.jpg grand canyon4840.jpg grand canyon4873.jpg

October 20, 2011 Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls, on my way to the All American Quarter Horse Congress

Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2750.jpg Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2755.jpg Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2758.jpg

Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2747.jpg Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2754.jpg Helicopter ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls2753.jpg

helicopter ride-Niagara Falls2.jpg helicopter ride-Niagara Falls.jpg helicopter ride-Niagara Falls1.jpg

October 19, 2011 Night time US Niagara Falls

Night time US Niagara Falls2733.jpg Night time US Niagara Falls2742.jpg  Night time US Niagara Falls2732.jpg Night time US Niagara Falls2746.jpg

June 11, 2011 Canterbury Horse Racing event (will learn how to bet, don’t know if that is a good idea)

June 4, 2011 Jack Brainerd Western Dressage Clinic in Eau Claire, WI

May 24, 2011 – June 3 Fabulous Scotland vacation with Nathan, St. Andrews was his highlight

our tour guide



































April 28, 2011 – May 4 Florida Keys vacation with the family (son, wife, grandson). Caught 100 lb. shark

April 6-12, 2011 Visited Alyssa in Seattle, WA; naturally went on a whale watching cruise

January 20, 2011 - Way to Glorious had black filly by Hurricane Ivan. She is eligible for the OPEN Breeders Cup Halter Futurity and eligible to win the 22% payback of the $125,000.00 for this class.

January 22, 2011 - Attended the Minnesota Quarter Horse Association Banquet/Auction

#1 Item on Diane’s Bucket List was to Meet Toby Keith

9/19/2010 concert pictures taken by Diane

tobykeith2274.jpg tobykeith2338.jpg

tobykeith2313.jpg tobykeith2311.jpg tobykeith2308.jpg

tobykeith2303.jpg tobykeith2326.jpg tobykeith2316.jpg

November 15 – 21, 2010 - Attended the AQHA World Show/Sale

October 16, 2010 - Diane Driving Dandy, First driving lesson!

2009DANDYFOREMAIL copy.jpg

October 7, 2010 - Birthday!!!!!

October 6, 2010 - Bought a Horse Drawn Bob Sled; 2 horse sleigh, 2 seater

alaska2064.jpg alaska1973.jpg
September, 2010 -
Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

alaska1849.jpg alaska1853.jpg alaska1850.jpg alaska1995.jpg alaska2008.jpg

September 25, 2010 - Attended Simon’s Quarter Horse Sale in Cannon Falls, MN. Bought Way To Glorious bred to Ivan Harder’s Hurricane Ivan bred for a January 21, 2010 foal. This mare is in the Kentucky Pay Back Fund if returned to Kentucky to foal.

September 19, 2010 - Attended Toby Keith Concert in Duluth, MN and actually met Toby Keith…..WOOHOO. 

August 29, 2010 - Attended The Madison Police Department Despooking Training Session at Trinity Equestrian Center, Eau Claire, WI

July 10, 2010 - Diane attended Rita Crundwell’s Sale in Dixon, Illinois. Bought A Cool Letter who is bred to Reflections Kid for a January foal

March 27, 2010 - On The Red Carpet bred

March 25, 2010 - Contemptified bred

March 20, 2010 - A Phenomenal Lady bred

March 18, 2010 - One Awesome Easter Lily bred

January 23, 2010 - Diane bought JM Keifer’s, JMK Supernatural breeding at the Illinois Stallion Service Auction

For the second year, the highest earning horse is Cluitions Impression owned by Shannon Whitney of Adams Center, New York. Shannon bought Cluitions Impression from Diane Miller Quarter Horses in Hager City, WI. Cluitions Impression earned a total of 393 points in 2009 getting Ms. Whitney a total payout of $1373.90. Congratulations Shannon!

November 9-15, 2009 - AQHA World Show & Sale; Diane coordinated the WCHA (World Conformation Horse Association) Stallion Service Auction

September 4-6, 2009 - Diane attended the Go For The Gold in Tulsa, Oklahoma looking for a palomino mare/filly

July 11, 2009 - Diane attended Rita Crundwell’s Sale in Dixon, Illinois

April 22, 2009 - Touches Top Gun was born

March 2009 - March 8th, CKS Sterling Silver was born. March 22nd, CKS Spartacus was born

February 2009 - February 1st, Cool Superbowl Sunday was born. Ted Turner along with John Lawrence visited Diane Miller Quarter Horses. Diane was elated that he took the time to come and see her mares. Mr. Turner was in Minnesota to do a halter clinic for the MN Quarter Horse Association. 

November 2008 - Diane and Ms. Betty from Idaho duked it out on the bidding for Contemptified, Reserve World Champion and Congress Grand Champion.  Contemptified is now at Diane Miller Quarter Horses in Wisconsin and Diane and Betty discuss horses frequently.

September 2008 - Diane just cannot stay away from Doug Tallent’s!! She flew back down to see more horses in Texas, spent a morning at Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses where Chad Wing was most helpful in showing her all the horses on her list to see. This time Diane brought only one mare home from Doug’s, Sierras Dream Doll bred to Cooler Than All. Can’t believe she got out of Texas with only one mare.

August 2008 - Diane drove down to Kansas to visit with Barbara Hoffer, to see Not Kiddin Me and End Zone Dancer and all the other stallions and babies at Hofferosa.

June 2008 - Diane and her son Marty, took a quick trip to Kentucky to visit Triple C to see Caribbean Kid and all of their stallions and visited with Kari and David Sipes. Then visited Grace Berton and saw her wonderful Sir Cool Skip and Rawhide Outlaw and of course, her mares. Last stop was Mac Crawford’s place to see his stallions, The Finest Mocha and The Elusive Kid. Diane & Marty squeezed in a Thoroughbred Farm, Gainesway Farm, to just see how the other half does their breeding program.

November 2007 - After a quick Amtrak trip to Whitefish Montana, Diane got home and jumped into her truck and drove down to the World Show in Oklahoma to watch the halter classes. She did not attend the sale... for the obvious reasons listed below.

September 2007 - Diane again spent a week in Whitesboro Texas and looked at all of the broodmares and stallions she could fit in her 14 hour days and chatted with everyone along the way. Visited Chip & Sue Ellen Knost to see what they had. This time was even better than the year before!  Diane bought 4 mares at the Doug Tallent Sale: Toughdown Maggie, VR Antuanette, Kids Classy Lady and Concentions FoxyLady. Three were consigned by Chip Knost. Whew!!! Now that was a trip and a half.

September 2006 - Diane made a trip to Whitesboro, Texas to the Horse Country Invitational Sale at Doug Tallent’s...

Diane used her extra time well by getting up each day and visiting horse farms - Fossil Gate Farms where Gary Gordon spent hours showing the group all of his fine stallions and mares; Chip Knost, Mike Murray and Reata Ranch where Katrina & Wayne Jordan &  Edgewood/Lanning, Inc. All were so gracious to do the same.

The trip proved to be most successful with Diane buying at the sale, A Phenomenal Lady, 2001, a 16H sorrel mare, superior halter with 89.5 points; 60.5 open, 20 Amateur, & 9 Youth. This mare was previously owned by L. J. Kruidenier, Inc. and is in foal to Golden Gunslinger for a January baby. As if that was not enough, Diane visited Chip Knost and bought his 1999 gray mare, Design by Major, 16.1H who has her ROM in open halter, is in foal to CK Kid for a March baby and has produced a World Champion gelding who has 186.5 points. Diane will be visiting Pilot Point and Aubrey, Texas soon. She just had way too much fun to not return as soon as possible.

Lily Won 2 firsts - 2 seconds - 1 third and a Reserve Grand Champion in the All Mare Championship Class. Another 8 points!!




In 2006, One Awesome Easter Lily, born on Easter Sunday morning 2005, has been shown at the MN Palomino Horse Breeders Show, twice in Windom, MN and at the Iowa Palomino Horse Breeders show, twice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and once in Hutchinson, Kansas at the Kansas Palomino Horse Breeders Association show. Lily has accumulated 33 halter points earning her "Register of Merit" in open halter and she has won 40+ color points also winning her "Register of Merit" in the color classes and winning the coveted Class A Color Championship twice. Lily is going to become our rider for my grandbaby....soon as the two of them are ready.