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Party Girls Secret

2015 AQHA/PHBA Mare
HYPP N/H  DOB 4/20/15



Partys Girls Secret3.jpg Partys Girls Secret4.jpg

Partys Girls Secret.jpg Partys Girls Secret2.jpg Partys Girls Secret5.jpg

Party Girls Secret1.jpg Party Girls Secret2.jpg Party Girls Secret.jpg

Party Girls Secret.jpg Party Girls Secret1.jpg Party Girls Secret 5.jpg

Party Girls Secret hip.jpg Party Girls Secret chest.jpg Party Girls Secret2.jpg

Party Girls Secret3.jpg Party Girls Secret 6.jpg Party Girls Secret4.jpg


2017 AQHA Filly

Mr Elusive x On The Red Carpet

pictures at 3 weeks

DMM Elusive Valentine. leadjpg.jpg

DMM Elusive Valentine2.jpg

DMM Elusive Valentine3.jpg DMM Elusive Valentine4.jpg DMM Elusive Valentine.jpg

picture at 2 weeks

DMM ElusiveValentine.jpg


2017 AQHA Colt


Heza Secret Agent x Contemptified

5 panel negative across the board...very big, very correct, strikingly handsome, alert and a showman, and very smart...quick study.....

pictures at 11 weeks

dmm colt4.jpg

dmm colt3.jpg dmm colt7.jpg dmm colt5.jpg

dmm colt8.jpg dmm colt.jpg

dmm colt9.jpg dmm colt6.jpg dmm colt2.jpg

pictures at 4 weeks

DMM Double Oh Seven3.jpg

DMM Double Oh Seven2.jpg  DMM Double Oh Seven.jpg

picture at 3 weeks

DMM Double Oh Seven2.jpg DMM Double Oh Seven.jpg

pictures at 1 week


spectre2.jpg spectre3.jpg spectre.jpg

Pullman saddle, used less than 6 times. Mint condition….

Handmade, made by the best master saddlers, 30 year guarantee covering the whole saddle…

Pullman saddle9.jpg

 Pullman saddle7.jpg Pullman saddle3.jpg Pullman saddle.jpg

Pullman saddle4.jpg Pullman saddle2.jpg Pullman saddle8.jpg

Pullman saddle6.jpg Pullman saddle5.jpg