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2019 AQHA Bay Colt

Mr Elusive  x  LZ Kallista

photos at 5 weeks

DMM Elusified 5 weeks 857.jpg

DMM Elusified 5 weeks 860.jpg DMM Elusified 5 weeks 863.jpg DMM Elusified 5 weeks 873.jpg

DMM Elusified 5 weeks 870.jpg DMM Elusified 5 weeks 865.jpg DMM Elusified 5 weeks 862.jpg

photos at 4 weeks

DMM Elusified 4 wks 847.jpg DMM Elusified 4 wks 745.jpg

photos at 2 weeks

DMM Elusified 3 wks 765 lead.jpg

elusive colt 7161.jpg elusive colt 766.jpg

DMM Elusified 3 wks 589.jpg DMM Elusified 3 wks 590.jpg DMM Elusified 3 wks 560.jpg

DMM Elusified 3 wks 719.jpg DMM Elusified 3 wks 574.jpg DMM Elusified 3 wks 577.jpg

elusive colt 739.jpg elusive colt 724.jpg elusive colt 761.jpg elusive colt 783.jpg

photos at 2 weeks

DMM Elusified 2 wks 370.jpg DMM Elusified 2 wks 378.jpg DMM Elusified 3 wks 631.jpg

photos at 1 week

DMM Elusified 472.jpg

DMM Elusified 363.jpg DMM Elusified 420.jpg DMM Elusified 439.jpg

DMM Elusified 422.jpg DMM Elusified 426.jpg

DMM Elusified 536.jpg

DMM Elusified 457.jpg DMM Elusified 466.jpg DMM Elusified 456.jpg

photos at 9 hours

DMM Elusified 534.jpg

DMM Elusified 459.jpg DMM Elusified 453.jpg


2019 AQHA Chestnut Filly

Secrets Of A Legend  x  Contemptified

photos at 7 weeks

DMM Secret Affair 3361.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 3388.jpg DMM Secret Affair 3378.jpg DMM Secret Affair 3390.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 3386.jpg DMM Secret Affair 3404.jpg DMM Secret Affair 3394.jpg DMM Secret Affair 3403.jpg

photo at 3 weeks

DMM Secret Affair 3 wks 707.jpg

photos at 2 weeks

legend filly 707.jpg legend filly 695.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 2 wks 542.jpg

legend filly 608.jpg legend filly 609.jpg legend filly 676.jpg DMM Secret Affair 2 wks 495.jpg

photos at 1 week

DMM Secret Affair 408.jpg DMM Secret Affair 401.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 501.jpg DMM Secret Affair 499.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 413.jpg DMM Secret Affair 400.jpg DMM Secret Affair 502.jpg

photos at 2 days

DMM Secret Affair 338.jpg

DMM Secret Affair 337.jpg DMM Secret Affair 349.jpg


2018 AQHA Chestnut Filly

Valentino  x  Contemptified

half sister to DMM 007 who won the AQHA World  in 2017 with Terry Bradshaw

2018 Breeders Halter Futurity - 6th Junior Open Fillies

dmm madam president.jpg

photo at 7.5 months

dmm madam president 3240.jpg

photos at 7 months

DMM Madam President 3202 lead.jpg

DMM Madam President 3167.jpg

DMM Madam President 3185.jpg DMM Madam President 3168.jpg DMM Madam President 3173.jpg